Construction and architecture

  • Architecture
  • Building constructions
  • Industrial buildings and structures
  • Construction plan
  • Work execution plan

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Electrical technology, automation, relay protection, communication

  • Electric power supply
  • Electric drives
  • Optical communication cables

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Heat and electricity production technologies

  • Process equipment of power plants
  • Steam and hot-water boilers, heat recovery steam generators
  • Steam and gas turbines
  • Water treatment systems
  • District heating systems

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Heat and electricity transmission and distribution

  • Up to 330 kV power transmission lines
  • Up to 330 kV distribution points and substations

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Geological research

  • Topografic investigation
  • Well drilling
  • Hydro-geological investigation
  • Soil mechanics
  • Soil investigations and borings

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Environment protection measures

  • Ecological feasibility reports for construction and reconstruction projects
  • Development of environment protection measures for enterprises
  • Development of projects of maximum permissible emission limits for enterprises or institutions
  • Water purification systems

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Increasing of energy efficiency. Energy audit

  • Energy audit of industrial enterprises
  • Energy audit of public and administrative buildings (calculation and instrumental methods)
  • Energy certification of buildings according to European standards
  • Thermal-imaging quality control of building construction
  • Thermal-imaging inspection of electrical equipment (electric generators, electric motors, switches, transformers, power lines)
  • Control and analysis of the quality of electrical energy in power supply systems
  • System methods of management of energy efficiency of industrial facilities and buildings
  • Metrological check of electricity meters, current transformers, voltage transformers at operating sites using a mobile high-voltage metrological laboratory for checking of commercial electricity metering units with standard models and exemplary measuring instruments for various voltage classes: 0.4 kV; 10(6) kV; 35kV; 110 kV; 220kV.

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Operational design and construction supervision

  • Construction design supervision on the construction site
  • Adaptation of the project in accordance with EU norms and local design standards
  • Establishment of design engineering teams on the construction site

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